Send students out into the world with feelings of worthiness and empowerment.  5 min. 43 sec.

Watch video: 5 min. 37 sec.

I share the credo I hope youth will adopt with our assistance and our reflection back to them about their best capabilities and emotions.

  1. I am not flawed. I am a unique individual and my life is important.
  2. I choose not to give up on myself.
  3. I will not change who I am just to fit in a group.
  4. I am a good and pleasing person.
  5. I choose to trust myself and learn ways to keep myself safe.
  6. I choose to ask for help when I need it.
  7. I am worthy of being appreciated for my personal characteristics.
  8. I choose to find a hobby, job, or career that matches my strengths and personal preferences.
  9. I choose to practice calmness.
  10. I choose to wait and help someone who to understand me.
  11. When I am feeling low, I choose to seek one positive action to help myself.
  12. I choose to accept myself for all of who I am, my capabilities, my challenges, and my unique characteristics.
  13. I choose to rely upon people who have my best interests.
  14. I seek to discover joy and pleasure in my career life.

I hope you enjoyed this course and I hope you will find the assessments and materials useful for the student/client you work with or you family member who wants to create a life with employment and self-satisfaction.

I want your feed back. I have only 2 evaluation questions for you:

  1. What did you like about this course?
  2. What would you like to see or hear more about?

Please email me your answers and I will send you a certificate of completion.

I wish you much success.

I leave you with a few powerful quotes. I tried to convey with clarity how to assist youth for a career and personal life satisfaction.

The task of employment leadership in the workplace is to see strengths in people who struggle socially/emotionally with challenges but with S.A.F.E.T.Y. Works tools and strategies to bring out their capabilities, potential, and the real possibilities they never knew could be.

Dr. Jackie Marquette

When parents asked what abilities and qualities are important to assure the best quality of life in adulthood, the answers:

  • building self-expression and self-esteem, 
  • instilling happiness, 
  • creating positive experiences, and 
  • emphasizing healthy relationships. 
  • increasing self-awareness and the ability to emotionally self-regulate. 

—Prizant, (2015).In Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing autism. p. 214-215

"Small steps taken consistently toward goals make the biggest impact."

Dr. Jackie Marquette